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IBSL Qualification Training

IBSL provides different types of training for teachers and centres to learn about our qualifications and assessment methods. Training events are given regularly and these are updated frequently on our website. Most of our qualifications require that the person teaching it attends teacher-assessor training, and this can be arranged either by having the teacher attend one of our regular training events at our offices in Warrington, or by having a Training Officer attend your centre.

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Teacher-Assessor Training

It is essential that teacher-assessors understand what they are teaching and how to access the content of each qualification. For details of the IBSL Teacher-Assessor training programme, please make a note of the dates and venues, which are updated from time to time.

Centre Training

Centres around the UK who want information regarding training but cannot attend a specific date or venue can request that iBSL attend their centre for a full day training. If you require further information please contact iBSL office.