Terms of Business

IBSL (Institute of British Sign Language) is UK awarding organisation committed to providing qualifications in British Sign Language and Deaf Studies that enable learners of all ages to achieve their full potential.

Regulations and policies

IBSL has a range of regulations and policies that can be found within this website, and while it is not a member of the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ), many of its policies will reflect the common practice of JCQ policies. A link to these general regulations can be found on the regulation and policy page, together with links to other IBSL, Ofqual and other regulatory body documents which contain regulations and guidance including Codes of Practice, Equal Opportunities Policy, Special Requirements, Centre Registration and Malpractice.

Ofqual is the regulator of qualifications for the awarding organisations in England, DCELLS for Wales and CCEA for Northern Ireland.

Use of IBSL logo

The IBSL logo may only be used by IBSL approved centres with the prior permission of IBSL.


View IBSL’s copyright policy which applies to materials published in paper and electronic format.


All invoices must be settled within 28 days of date of invoice. See our current fees list for further details.

Customer service

We aim to provide the highest levels of service expected by our customers and we are sure that you value reliability and prompt action. Our commitment to you is set out in Customer Service document.

IBSL reserves the right to:

Cease trading with you in the event that you fail to pay our invoices in a prompt manner.
Withdraw approval or not give approval should you fail to work to the IBSL regulators ‘ requirements.
Suspend or withdraw centre approval if your actions could in the opinion of IBSL cause damage to the reputation of IBSL.
Withdraw centre approval in the event that no candidate entries have been received for a period of three years.
Withdraw approval for specific qualifications if no candidate entries have been received for a period of three years.
Determine a credit limit for an organisation as considered appropriate by IBSL.

Personal details/data protection act

We are registered under the provisions of the Data Protection Act and will operate in accordance with our Data Protection and Privacy Statement.

Waiver/prior terms/alterations

Our failure to enforce at any time or for any period any one or more of these terms shall not be a waiver of them or of the right at any time to enforce all applicable terms and condition. These terms of business shall not affect or override any of the arrangements for the statutory regulation of external qualifications in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. These terms will apply until varied or replaced with alternative terms. It may on occasion be necessary to amend our Terms of Business. Any such changes shall be notified via our website and you will be bound by the updated or amended terms for the first time when you use our services after the changes have been notified.

Proper law

These terms of business will be governed by English law.