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Teach our qualifications

Demand from a lot of people for Deaf-related qualifications is high because one in every six persons in Britain have hearing loss, some small, some significant.

As a Deaf-led awarding organisation, we understand better what Deaf people want and that is an advantage for choosing us.

To teach our qualifications, you need to be trained and approved. In England and Wales, teachers of BSL & Deaf Studies must have a recognised teaching qualification.

New and unqualified teachers will need to achieve an award called Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector, plus a qualification specific to what you want to teach, for example, Level 3 BSL or higher.

Where to teach IBSL Qualifications

Before you can teach IBSL qualifications, you need to know what you have to teach so you will have to attend one of the Teacher-Assessor training courses organised by IBSL.For details of the IBSL Teacher-Assessor training programme, please click onto Teacher-Assessor Training and make a note of the dates.

These will be updated from time to time.

Most Deaf teachers who teach BSL or other deaf-related qualifications work for colleges who register with IBSL as an approved centre to deliver our courses.

Some very experienced Deaf teachers set up their own teaching agencies. They also have to become approved by IBSL to do this.