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Learning the iBSL way

British Sign Language (BSL) is used by around 125,000 people in Britain every day, whether at home, outside of the home or at work.

Learning the basics of BSL should be fun, but if you are serious about the language, you can go on and obtain higher qualifications – perhaps for work, a Deaf family member at home or any other reason. Following the correct qualification procedure and achieving these can be very rewarding.

IBSL offers a structured progression route from Level 1 BSL Studies up to Level 6, which will then lead to Interpreting qualifications.

Where can I learn?

Throughout the UK there are many Centres delivering IBSL qualifications. These include schools, colleges and many private training agencies, all run by experience teachers. Some of these may only deliver a limited range of our qualifications, for example Level 1 and Level 2 or Deaf and Deaf Blind awareness qualifications, but many offer a full range of BSL Studies qualifications.Please click on the link below to find out where our Centres are.

Where are our Centres?