Copyright Policy

The policy below applies to materials published by IBSL in paper or electronic form.


All IBSL published materials (except for those marked * below) can be reproduced for teaching purposes.

Centres cannot reproduce IBSL materials if the purpose is to sell the materials (to students or others).
Questions copied from examination papers must include an appropriate acknowledgement.
Materials from examinations must not be copied until 1 month after the final examination date.
Permission to make IBSL materials available on an Internet site must be obtained in writing from IBSL’s Administration Officer at the address below.
*It is not permitted to reproduce examination questions from the following examinations:

Award in Deaf Awareness (multiple choice)
Award in DeafBlind Awareness (multiple choice)
Award in BSL Awareness and Heritage (multiple choice)
Materials used in e-assessments (because these are supplied by a third party)
Publishers Publishers should follow the same rules as above when reproducing IBSL materials. However a written request for permission to reproduce IBSL materials must be made to the Administration Officer at the address below.

Publishers should also note that, where IBSL has used materials from a third party (as in the case of e-assessments, permission to reproduce these extracts must be obtained from the original source and that examination questions must be reproduced in full – it is not permitted to alter or abridge questions.

Any enquiries regarding copyright policy should be addressed to the Chief Executive at:

IBSL (Institute of British Sign Language)
Empire Court, 2nd Floor
30 Museum Street

Tel: 01925 632463